Plains Republican Flute Band


Established: 2011
Location: Plains
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Plains Republican Flute Band was formed on the 21st of March 2011 by members of the Plains Cumann of Cairde na hÉireann, it is the first RFB Formed in Plains or for that matter in Airdrie. The village of Plains is situated a few miles outside the town of Airdrie which is a staunch loyalist stronghold, the village is pinned in by the surrounding villages of Clarkston, Greengairs & Caldercruix all of which have Orange Lodges and Bands.

Despite this the committed Republicans of the Plains Cumann have in the short time since they where formed, have had numerous functions, an education night and famously a Parade to commemorate the victims of the McGurk’s Bar Bombing by the UVF which the Cumann faced many objections from Strathclyde Police, North Lanarkshire Council and the Plains Community Council. After the success of the Parade the Cumann’s next plan was to form a Flute Band, after several fundraisers the Cumann had raised enough money to buy a bass drum, 3 side drums and flutes. The Plains Republican Flute Band will hope to be on the road by Easter of 2012.

We are now recruiting members for our flute band. Anybody interested please get in touch regardless of Sex, Creed (religion) or Race, everyone is welcome. No Previous Musical Experience is Required as Full Tuition Will Be Provided & Instruments Also. If You Dont Feel Confident Enough To Pick Up An Instrument You Can Still Join & March In The Colour Party Carrying A Flag.

Sinn Féin Abú

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